Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obsolete Post: Either Stupid or a Liar...or Built on False Premises

Tinfoil hats on, everybody! I obviously wrote this yesterday, since I've probably partied too hearty (or is it "party hardy"?) on this fine Labor Day to feel like blogging on the Tuesday after Labor Day. This post was written before more relevant news broke about Bristol Palin's actual pregnancy, the opening of the GOP Convention, and other new news. So please, bear with me...

After writing a quick blurb about McCain's running mate Sarah Palin's pregnancy scandal, I decided to spend an unhealthy amount of time reading other blogs and blog comments about the "issue" (not the kind of issue I want in a political campaign, by the way). There's a lot of hearsay about baby bumps, winter coats, and Photoshop. Anyway, I have concluded that if this "story" becomes nationally broadcast "news," then it is essentially a lose-lose situation for Gov. Palin. In other words, she will either be painted as an irresponsible person ("stupid") or a cover-up conspirator ("a liar"). The only way out, in my opinion, is if certain premises are found to be false or faulty:

One detail of the story involves the alleged real birth mother, the teenage Bristol Palin. During the latter part of the Palin pregnancy, Bristol was said to have contracted mononucleosis and did not attend school for five months. This premise sounds like the old get-out-of-town teen pregnancy cover-up. However, if this entire episode did not happen, then the elder Palin is off the hook, and she is neither stupid nor a liar.

The second premise involves the day of young Trig Palin's birth. At about eight months into her pregnancy, Gov. Palin allegedly took a commercial flight from Alaska to Texas, so she could deliver an important speech. In Texas, her water broke, so she immediately flew from Texas back to Alaska to give birth to her fifth child. If this premise is true - talk about irresponsible! She allegedly put her then-unborn child at risk to make a speech. An Internet connection, a webcam in Alaska, and a laptop/projection TV in Texas might have been a less stupid alternative! But if episode is not factual, then again, Gov. Palin is off the hook so that real issues can be debated.

There you have it, if the mono thing and the Texas thing actually happened, then Gov. Palin is either stupid or a liar. She either put her Down's syndrome child in harm's way at the time of his birth, or she covered up her daughter's teenage pregnancy to keep appearances in the socially conservative world of the GOP. And trust me, a forty-something politician who rose from beauty queen to town mayor to state governor to vice presidential candidate in a few short years is anything but stupid. (Dubya was never a beauty queen.) Then again, Northern Exposure was set in Alaska, wasn't it?

Let's hope that the incidentals that give this "issue" some meat are irrelevant. Let's hope that Bristol didn't have a near-lethal, five month case of mono (which isn't mono), or that a super-pregnant Sarah didn't take two transcontinental flights. Let's hope that newborn Trig gets all the care he needs from his mom, dad, and siblings. Let's also try not to make mean-spirited straw men of our ideological foes; pro-choice advocates aren't typically the eugenicists that the pro-life advocates tend to imagine.

If anything, maybe Gov. Palin might have to give a "By the way, I'm the baby-mama" speech in the same way Sen. Obama has to shout out "By the way, I'm a Christian" every so often.

Tinfoil hats off! And RE: My Presidential Campaign, we're still in the process of vetting potential running mates. It's going to be a shortlist or a long list of bloggers who deserve to be at the top of the ticket but ironically are not. Rumors point to Will, Blanca, Rama, etc., but I neither confirm nor deny these rumors. And yes, I'm going to use the verb "vet" a whole lot from now on! Cheers!

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