Friday, September 5, 2008

Note to GOP: Complete the Rationale and Nominate Sarah Palin at the Top of the Ticket (It's Too Late, Isn't It?)

This has been said all of this week and last weekend, but I want it on my blog, too!

Anyhow, it has been said that Sarah Palin's relative inexperience on the national and global scene invalidates questions of Barack Obama's relative inexperience on the same stage.

However, it has been said that Palin's experience in the executive branch of government (as a mayor and a governor) trumps Obama's legislative experience (Illinois state and U.S. Senates). We'll have to see who has a better clutch free throw, though.

Fine. Furthermore, Palin's executive experience is better than Joe Biden's many years in the U.S. Senate.

Wait. If you complete the rationale, that also means that Palin's executive experience is better than Senator John McCain's legislative experience. The GOP essentially agrees that Palin is better for V.P. and potentially President than Obama and Biden combined, so please follow through with the logic! Be honest: The GOP would have preferred Palin at the top of the ticket, right? She single-handedly erased their doubts of McCain. She's their long-con choice - Palin 2012!

Alaska's First Dude Todd Palin shouldn't become America's Second Dude - let him become THE DUDE. He should keep the goatee up and grow that hair longer. He should trade in the snowmobile for a bowling ball, and drink White Russians as much as possible.

...because, of course, Russia is right next to Alaska.

I'm Ryan DeRamos, and I approve this redundancy.

Sarah Palin photo credit: T toes.

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