Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The New 99.99 Cents Only Should Have Been the 99.999... Cents Only Store (Fancy Math and All)

Full disclosure: I currently own some stock in NDN. What can I say? The 99 Cents Only Store has sold me decent food and useful trinkets at rock bottom prices, and that's why I wanted to buy a piece of the company.

Anyway, the 99 Cents Only Store discount chain added an extra 99% of a cent to their various prices - $0.99 items now will cost $0.9999 and $0.59 items now will cost $0.5999. The question is whether they'll treat this price like gallons of gasoline, where 100 items at $0.9999 cost $99.99, or just tack on the extra cent regardless of multiples of 100.

They should've renamed their store the 99.999...(infinite 9's) Cents Only Store. It'll make people's heads explode!

0.333... = 1/3
3 x 0.333... = 3 x 1/3
0.999... = (3 x 1) / 3
0.999... = 3/3
0.999... = 1

In that way, they could be a dollar-exactly store and an under-a-dollar store simultaneously. Sort of. I just hope the company has an economic turnaround:

"99.99, baby, 99.99!" isn't quite as catchy.

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