Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick and the Partisan Hack Noise Machine

Dick Cheney on Pig Lipstick in 2004:

John McCain on Pig Lipstick in 2007:

Sarah Palin on Lipstick last week:

Barack Obama on Pig Lipstick recently:

Whether or not Barack Obama intended to make a clever double entendre (which might have made Shakespeare proud) is beside the point. In context of the Sarah Palin's RNC speech from the week before, well, maybe we're the ones who put two and two together, and created meaning from media. However, it's all noise. It's all partisan hackery. For all this talk against being politically correct, we have many of the same anti-PC folks being...ironically, no, hypocritically...PC!

Let's establish that rogue supporters are running smear campaigns for both candidates. It may be that the official campaigns secretly foster the rogue smears, just like in many spy movies, where the government disavows all knowledge of the spy in case a mission fails. Whatever. It's noise, and after years and years of Rovian propaganda tactics and millennia of propaganda in general, we should know better. I'll definitely give first-time voters a pass if they're caught up in the hype. What about the rest of us? Let's not give into all this noise and hype.

We need the issues presented to us as clearly as possible. Has Sarah Palin done an in-depth interview with the media yet? Ah, yes, there's this right wing paranoia over the left wing media, and a media interview might not be good enough for some voters. Until we hear about Sarah Palin from Sarah Palin herself, in the minds of many of the American people (who vote), Sarah Palin is either a straw woman or an iron woman...not a real person running for political office. How does she actually play a role on McCain's ticket? We'll see what happens during Charlie Gibson's interview on ABC.

It's obviously not going to be like this situation from South Park:

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