Friday, September 12, 2008

John McCain's Ads Do Not Lie, Just Dangerously Deceptive

On The View, John McCain defended his campaign ads - especially the one that spun the truth on the great American pig lipstick idiom, as well as the the one that distorted the logic of age-appropriate sex education for kindergarten children:

Check out's analysis of the ad and Obama's real record. Among other nuances and complexities ('cause, you know, not everything can be cut-and-try, black-and-white), Obama's "bill also called for all sex education course materials to include information that would help students recognize, among other activities, inappropriate touching, sexual assault and rape."

If we humor the "logic" of McCain's ad, then we could assume that McCain doesn't care about protecting the future of America from predators. Okay, okay, fine...maybe McCain would rather have parents teach their kids about bad people and inappropriate touching - not the school system. Yes, that is the ideal, and I'm sure the majority of us supports parental responsibility over institutional curriculum.

However, if we follow this trail of logic, then our schools would only provide some helpful redundancy, right? If parents are already teaching their kids to be watchful, then our schools will only drive the point home (ideally without going overboard). Then again, it's not all cut-and-dry and conveniently packaged into a 30-second bit o' hype. Study and vote, please.

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