Friday, September 26, 2008

The Google Alphabet

According to Google search popularity (as of September 26, 2008):

A is for Amazon, followed by Argos;
B is for Bebo, followed by BBC;
C is for Craigslist, followed by CNN;
D is for Dictionary, followed by Dell;
E is for eBay, followed by Expedia;
F is for Facebook, followed by Firefox;
G is for Gmail, followed by Google Maps;
H is for Hotmail, followed by Home Depot;
I is for Ikea, followed by IMDb;
J is for John Lewis, followed by jobs;
K is for Kelly [sic] Blue Book, followed by Kohl's;
L is for Limewire, followed by Lowe's;
M is for MySpace, followed by Mapquest;
N is for NBC Olympics, followed by NBC;
O is for Olympics, followed by Orkut;
P is for Photobucket, followed by Paypal;
Q is for quotes, followed by QVC;
R is for Runescape, followed by Ryanair;
S is for Sears, followed by Skype;
T is for Target, followed by Tesco;
U is for Utube [sic], followed by UPS;
V is for Verizon Wireless, followed by Verizon;
W is for Wikipedia, followed by weather;
X is for Xbox, followed by XM Radio;
Y is for YouTube, followed, by Yahoo!;
Z is for zip codes, followed by Zappos.

For better or for worse, that's what we and our fellow Web surfers care about. There's apparently a lot of interest in retail stores (evidently, "John Lewis" is an online store in the UK), but not a lot of interest in saving, investing, or making money (other than the vague search for "jobs").

I'll probably blog tomorrow about the Presidential debate (knock on wood!).

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