Friday, September 19, 2008

Get Google, Alaska

You might have heard about the hacking of Gov. Palin's Yahoo! account, which she reportedly used for official government business: Seriously? While using Gmail as would be a step up, I think it's possible for the State of Alaska to use Google Apps for their domain name How about or or for some professionalism? Sure, might forward to her Yahoo! account, but how about some outgoing mail from the domain?

I think that's a feasible solution in case there aren't IT professionals or geeky high school hobbyists in the great State of Alaska. Then again, there goes the separation of tech and state. Pause for laughter. In any case, Alaska should be a great state for IT workers year round: They stay inside in cubicles all year, right? Bright all day? Who cares! Dark all day? Who cares!

Okay, seriously, welcome to the anti-McCain/Palin ticket backlash as predicted by those who carefully follow the patterns of history. It's not rumor, mud, and fluff like the previous two weeks' worth partisan desperation. No, it's good, old fashion spin - easy spin, not far-fetched spin, due to the actual behavior of those being spun.

We have the Palin marrieds refusing the subpoena of Alaska (re: Troopergate), allegedly on the grounds that Alaskan law protects those running for state office from this sort of scrutiny. However, Palin is running for Federal office, but her side of the story wants to play loose with the specifics of that law. Whatever happened to the libertarian/old school conservative notion of states' rights? I thought Palin had that Alaskan libertarian persona - shootin' moose and whatnot - but now she's lumping things that are in the Federal realm with issues reserved to the State? What?

And the actual guy at the top of the GOP ticket: John McCain is being beaten by none other than John McCain (metaphorically, of course, because there's that literal history for which the country is grateful to him). This time, I'm not talking about the John McCain of an era past (pre-2006), I'm talking about recent John McCain. Springtime and early Summer John McCain. Early campaign John McCain. Current John McCain openly contradicts those John McCains. Will the real McCain please stand up?

Sure, there's an element of spin to the stories, but it's enabled spin. It's like walking into the joke. McCain and Palin walked into it. If it's any consolation, in about two weeks, there will probably be a backlash against the backlash. Campaign equilibrium is possible after election day, but even that might be a pipe dream.

Remember, folks: Do your own research, make your own conclusions, and don't be partisan hacks. Vote well (especially those in swing states).

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