Saturday, August 30, 2008

What about McCain's BFF Joe Lieberman?

Many agree that McCain made an exciting choice in his pick for running mate. (Whether it is ultimately a good or bad choice remains to be seen, but it sure is exciting.) However, some reports indicate that McCain would have chosen Joe Lieberman if it weren't for the Sarah Palin option. In all likelihood, in a McCain Administration, his BFF Joe would be Secretary of State. And then they would start a third war when the other two aren't quite finished, none of which would be Congress-declared wars like the Constitution intended. World War II, arguably the last noble and just war, was the last Congress-declared war. I actually remembered that from a underclassman-level Political Science course from college, but I had to check with ye olde Wikipedia to be sure.

Anyway, we really don't need any more quasi-wars. That's my message to both McCain and Obama, or to whomever makes it to the Oval Office come January 2009. Here are three general, big issues on which I want the next President to focus:

1. The economy, stupid;
2. Untangling eight years' worth of complications in four years (notice I'm using generous language toward the Bush Administration);
3. Any new policies, domestic or foreign, can only be implemented once the above two are checked off the list. In other words, try whatever risky things during your lame duck years, if the American people give you another term.

We've already heard the Democratic response to both our current economy (paraphrased: it sucks because of Bush) and the Bush legacy (paraphrased: it sucks and McCain would extend the sucking) during their convention. We'll see what the GOP machine has to say about the economy and the Bush legacy during their week long party - Party party, as it were.

My guess:

3. Extend the war on Terra! War on Tehran! (Notice that priority #3 goes to the top of the list.)
1. It's not a recession with all the recent GDP growth. (But did the rich get richer, leaving the rest high and dry? Did working Americans keep their jobs? Did unemployed Americans find decent-paying jobs?) Also: Trickle-down economics rocks! More tax breaks to immortal, multinational corporations! Outsourcing rocks!
2. Ain't nothing to untangle, yo! Dubs be the shiznit, yo! (In those exact words, to appeal to a younger demographic, of course.)

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