Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warren G. Harding: "Octoroon," Adventist, Milkshake Drinker

For all this talk about half-minority candidates (half-Kenyan Obama) and adherents to 19th Century permutations of Christianity (Romney the Mormon), we forget about an icon of anachronistic steampunk America: President Warren G. Harding.

The story goes that one of Harding's great-grandmothers was African American. In one-drop America, that made Harding an octoroon and therefore a black American. Of course, this could have all been racialist slander, much like Karl Rove's year 2000 whisper campaign about John McCain's "black baby."

Additionally, Harding had ties to the Seventh-day Adventist church, a denomination formed around the same time as the Latter Day Saints, when 19th century prophets were all the rage. (Steampunk God was instant messaging all sorts of folk back then!) Harding apparently spent lots of time at the SDA-affiliated Battle Creek Sanitarium. For more information about that, eat some Kellogg's cereal or watch the film The Road To Wellville. Meat and potatoes! Meat and potatoes!

Furthermore, he may have been involved in drinking your milkshake (Teapot Dome scandal). Warren G. Harding was truly ahead of his time. Regulators!

President Harding, we who are about to vote, salute you!

Warren GAMALIEL Harding photo is in the public domain. Being named after the demon queen Lilith's minion GAMALIEL is worse than having the word(s) HUSSEIN or FRED PHELPS in one's name.

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