Thursday, August 14, 2008

Of Empires, Olympics, and Similar Grooves

It was great to share with you some plot points concerning the birth of DeRamos Group LLC. Founding a company is almost the equivalent of conquering some land and creating a kingdom. Having established two, it almost feels like creating an empire...nay...a galactic empire! Almost. There are even more possibly helpful details (that do not constitute professional advice, of course) concerning business obstacles we've encountered along the way. I'll write about those things in the future.

So how about them Olympics? Will Michael Phelps get all those gold medals and world records? Obviously, we'll all have to wait and see (if we choose to pay attention to that). Speaking of which, I've been watching a lot of TV because of the games, and I noticed that this song:

Nikka Costa "Everybody Got Their Something" (2001)

has essentially the same riff and groove as

Better Than Ezra "Juicy" (2005)

If no one's making a big legal stink about those two songs having similar grooves, riffs, and basslines - then as an owner of a music publishing company (and songwriter), I'm relieved.

P.S. Speaking of Better Than Ezra - they were the biggest rock band in the summer of 1995, the number two band being Ezra (paraphrasing Norm Macdonald). Keep in mind, Nirvana ended in '94, Pearl Jam was battling Ticketmaster and not touring extensively, and the Smashing Pumpkins were putting the final touches to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness that summer. It was basically that band, Bush, Silverchair, etc., that summer. How did we survive? Anyhow, ten years before their pseudo-disco (?) song, Better Than Ezra were hashing out some decent (some would say good), four-chord "alternative"* rock:

Better Than Ezra "Good"

*Remember those days in the mid-90s, when it meant pretty much nothing to be labeled "alternative" - alternative to what? Four-chord, power trio/quartet, quiet verses, loud choruses, post-grunge, alternative to what?

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