Sunday, August 3, 2008

From the Bottom of the Deck

(One month later...sorry for the delay.)

During the past week, the presidential election has taken a turn for the goog. As in Google. As in YouTube, which is owned by Google. Anyhow, in case you're living in cave (and the Internet connection of your aforementioned cave was down), the McCain camp is accusing Obama of playing the race card because Obama accused McCain and the GOP of playing the race card (the whole "exotic" name, no Washington wig, and no Lincoln beard spiel to scare voters).

Well, Obama is a bit off the mark in his anticipation/accusation of McCain's strategy: McCain and the GOP don't have to officially use xenophobic and racist overtones in any sort of whisper campaign against Obama, and use precious campaign funds to do so. Various email forwarders, bloggers, and comment trolls will do that job for them...FOR FREE...and have done so in the past.

Having saved them campaign millions of dollars by letting rogue supporters do the propagandizing, the McCain campaign can now squander that medium-sized fortune on attempts at late night TV comedy sketch humor on YouTube. Speaking of the Paris + Britney = Barack attack ad, a journalist in broadcast media made the observation that McCain's camp is behind the times. As LAPD Chief William Bratton commented the other day, Paris, Britney, and Lindsay have been on good/missing behavior recently. Anyway, the aforementioned journalist said that a more relevant bad behavior celebrity to use would have been Amy Winehouse. (Even she might have cleaned up her act by the time I publish this blog.)

The moral of the story is this: No matter how much hype fills the airwaves and servers by late October, be sure to research and vote carefully for your state and local elections. Do not neglect the more relevant campaigns and ballot measures! The next President is only guaranteed to kinda fix and/or kinda make worse the executive orders made by President Bush. As long as the Constitution stands, and your state and local governments are still intact, all those other campaign promises are quite empty.

And that's my thought for the day. Plus, I used the word aforementioned twice (thrice, now). I'd better make up something interesting for me to write (no guarantee that it will be the same for you to read!) or else I'll only occasionally return to this blog. Sad, I know.

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