Friday, August 22, 2008

FOX News Still Sucks

And I'm sure that CNN, CNBC [edit: MSNBC], and all those other commentary-heavy "serious" cable news networks suck too.

By the way, while Wikipedia is still unreliable, its bibliography section at the bottom of several entries are looking better each day.

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  1. Yeah! There is way too much free speech going on out there. How dare Fox news or any other cable news network express an opinion. They should just play the clips and let the people decide how they wsnt to spin it. We got to stop all this free speech.

  2. Let me know when they create the FOX Free Speech Network or the Cable Opinion Network (CON...ha!) or the Microsoft...well Microsoft/NBC could still keep its name. Calling it "news" when really mostly "opinion" amounts to false advertising.

    To be clear, I have virtually no problem with network bias in story selection, as long as they use traditionally "dry" news reporting methods. That's where bias (how many pro-McCain stories today? how many pro-Obama stories today?) is unavoidable. It's the loudmouths who call themselves "news anchors" that are perpetually out of place in journalism.

    That said, free speech is awesome. Thanks for the comment. I truly appreciate it.



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