Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DeRamos Group LLC d/b/a DeRamos Media: Start-Up Summary

This ain't advice; it's an autobiography!

This is essentially our story so far:

1. We chose to organize as an LLC;
2. We hired an incorporating company to file the necessary state documents (about $400);
3. We ratified the Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, and managerial team;
4. We received our EIN from the IRS;
5. We filed an FBN statement with the county to d/b/a DeRamos Media (about $60);
6. We published our FBN statement with a local newspaper (about $40);
7. We received a city business license to be a music publisher (about $150);
8. We rented a P.O. box from the USPS (about $110);
9. We opened a business bank account.

Now we're in the process of building a useful website (not the placeholder Society of Gloves page), but there's no big rush for that. And since we're a music publishing company, somewhere in the process, we affiliated with both ASCAP (about $25) and BMI (about $250!). We also bought a few domain names and server space, making the total start-up cost at least $1000, if not more. We have a business plan, and maybe it'll work.

Take whatever knowledge you can if you're starting your own business, but don't take my word for it!

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