Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buy a Scanner; Save Paper and Ink with PDFs

Before I write about actually organizing DeRamos Group LLC, let me do this aside about helpful equipment and saving some overhead. In other words, I am glad that my music company has a decent scanner and some PDF-making software to save money on ink and paper - instead of making all sorts of photocopies of forms, applications, and receipts for our records.

For our purposes, a good scanner has a "scan to PDF" button. HP makes a good scanner. We use the HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner, which is also good for scanning film negatives (remember those?).

Secondly, installing and using PDF-making software is also a good idea. Adobe Acrobat is the ideal, but free PrimoPDF is a reasonable substitute. With PrimoPDF, you "print to PDF." Instead of selecting your physical printer when you want to print a document or webpage, you select PrimoPDF as your virtual printer. This program generates a PDF file that looks like a print out of your document or webpage (with the date and time of printing, like a web browser would do).

Of course, when you have to print out documents, you need a working printer, enough ink, and paper to do the job. However, you'll save paper and ink - and therefore money - if you rely on scanning and creating PDF documents for most record-keeping purposes.

Okay, we'll get into forming the LLC probably tomorrow, unless current events and sarcastic analysis get in the way. Again, let me remind you that this isn't legal advice, business advice, nor plumbing advice - or anything other than a less-than-entertaining blog.

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