Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stop 'Fighting' Global Warming, Adapt and Advance Instead

Global warming, or climate change? Man-made disaster, or cyclical natural phenomenon? Debate over, or several dissenters with valid data? If it were up to me, all the scientists could debate on the weekends (they should be doing their jobs during the work week). All the non-scientific pundits should either slant their opinion comically or not at all (okay, I'll let them have their opinions, too, albeit with their inside voices).

Anyway, a hopefully more agreeable question concerning the global environment is this: How much longer can the Earth tolerate the human race? We have to realize a few things: Humans are not distinct from the natural world, but are a part of it. (We poop too, if you need an example.) Therefore, this climate shift is a natural thing, man-made or not. While we can try to minimize most of the man-made parts, at some point, it would be foolhardy to try to "fight" nature when it has gained momentum and is approaching full force.

Do we give up? Well, hypothetical straw man questioner, I say no. We do not give up. We do two things that our direct ancestors have done to ensure their survival and your existence, dear reader:

1. Adapt; and
2. Advance.

How to adapt: Cut your energy costs by adopting newer, more efficient technologies; support anti-status quo, alternative fuel research/commerce; give birth to children with superpowers, gills, and/or wings (air conditioning powers would be ideal), and make sure they have superpowered children, too; etc.

How to advance: Master the newer technologies; make sure these adaptations are dynamic and do not stagnate as status quo; make sure your gilled kids are good swimmers and those with wings fly well; etc.

Who am I kidding? Hopefully a few of the isolated tribes of humanity will adapt and advance in ways we have neglected to do.

I'm Ryan DeRamos, and I approve this message.

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