Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Neti Pot + Two Shots of Tennessee Whiskey = Crazy Delicious

Sometime in early 2007, I stumbled upon a late night rebroadcast of Oprah, featuring Dr. Oz and the neti pot. By the way, did you notice that Dr. Oz is Oprah's dude and his collaborator Dr. Roizen is the PBS guy? It's a clever way to take over the world, I must say...


I bought a neti pot at great discount from earlier this year, and the results have been fantastic! I've been using less generic Sudafed (thus freeing up my share of medicine to the meth bootleggers) and my recurrent spring allergies that limit my springtime alcohol intake wasn't so bad this year. Cheers!

Anyway, the YOU doctors (Roizen and Oz) apparently suggest that (and I might paraphrase misleadingly) two drinks of booze daily could do a person some good. Anyway, I might add (well says my brother) that if you don't drink, don't start. If you do drink, you probably drink too much - so the daily two should suffice. Also, while beer (the darker the better) and red wine are preferable, I might suggest that random visits from Johnnie, Jack, and/or the Captain might be welcome...just remember moderation. Your liver will thank you for the lesser amount, and your heart might appreciate the effort. (This isn't medical advice, and this entry is for entertainment purposes only.)

And so ends exercise day 13.


Neti pot photo credit: Kurt Yoder.

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  1. I thought you were going to say you rubbed a genie out of it before I read the Sudafed part, me not having heard of a neti pot before.

    I love Traditinal Medicinals teas but even the ThroatCoat couldn't keep me from a week of laryngitis due to allergies.

    happy neti-ing and say hi to Mr Cuervo should he find his way to your house.

  2. Awesome. There have been days where the genie hasn't granted me a day free of allergies, but overall it's been great!

    I checked out your website by the way ( and great songwriting tips (, especially the digital recorder one! I use a microcassette recorder with tapes filled with riffs, grooves, and melodies (but it takes a while to review given the analog nature of it).

    I'll be sure to say hello to the next personification of a booze deity to happen by my neighborhood!



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