Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monopod: More than a Strange Nickname

Monopod-enabled videography and photography are awesome. I wish I had relied more on the energy-meets-stability of the monopod when I was a video production instructor a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Okay, it was about two years ago in the next county over. Anyway, the tripod can make shots look stale and handheld shots might be too shaky to be usable.

So using a monopod is my Swiss Army Knife Filmmaking™ tip of the moment. The ideal monopod can support a decently heavy camera, yet fold to fit in a backpack. Remember to use a decent pan-tilt head if you plan to, well, pan and tilt.

Speaking of video production, I want to congratulate my then-sophomores because they have or will graduate from high school around this time. Cheers to you guys!

Monopod photo credit: Xeviro.

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