Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Obama on "The View": Barack Eats Bacon

On yesterday's episode of The View, there was a segment about healthful breakfast food choices. When it came to bacon, the resident Aunt Slappy (Joy Behar) asked guest co-host Michelle Obama if Barack ate bacon. Mrs. Obama responded that he did eat bacon sometimes.


Without any qualifiers, such as "turkey" or "vegetarian" or "beef," bacon usually means pork bacon. Barack Obama eats bacon, and therefore he is neither a halal Muslim, a kosher Jew, nor a vegetarian Seventh-day Adventist. (If you want to extend the argument, adhering to religious dietary prescriptions implies devoutness, and the devout are more likely to espouse a militant religious worldview. So if a person eats pork...)

Anyhow, if you haven't done so already, let's move past the question of religion, as both major party candidates bear the stain of associating with questionable religious leaders (to say the least): Rod Parsley, Jeremiah Wright, John Hagee, Michael Pfleger, etc.

Let's cut through the hearsay of others and the rhetoric of the presumptive nominees, and ask the questions that are important to your vision of America, my vision of America, and other Americans' vision(s) of America. Selfishly speaking, I want solutions to the rising costs of energy (gas), food, and health care. Outside of myself - but by no means selflessly - I want to answers about education and tracking down Osama bin Laden (you know, the first war in retaliation to 9/11), and yes, there's Iraq (the second war that could have been fought after the destruction of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in South/Central Asia). If a future president's going to start a war, he (or she) will have to make sure the other wars involving the United States - offensive, defensive, or retaliatory - are wrapped up first.

The first one to reasonable and doable answers wins my vote. All the rest - the politics of it - is here for humor and entertainment value (nothing real). Ready, set, go!

Michelle Obama photo credit: Greg.

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