Monday, June 16, 2008

Lakers Win First Nothing Left to Lose Game

As is, the 2008 NBA Finals is still Paul Pierce and the Celtics' series to lose, and they have two more opportunities to win the championship. With that said, it's great that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers won Sunday's game. There were a few disconcerting things about the Lakers style of play:

1. Bad defense. Blocking and stealing make for good defense. Hoping that the Celtics make a bad offensive move isn't.

2. Pau Gasol needs to step up. (And Kobe needs to be that "wannabe Jordan" Kobe for all four quarters.)

3. Sasha, don't be a hero. A good two point guarantee is infinitely better than a missed three pointer.

4. It seems like the Phil Jackson we know and love - the Zen Master - has somehow reached Nirvana and isn't coming back down to the mortal plane. In other words, who's that dude who's been coaching the Lakers as of late, with all the weird non-starter configurations? It seems like Scott Bakula's character from Quantum Leap leaped into Phil Jackson's body and is trying to make things right through Phil Jackson...but make things right for whom?

If the Celtics win either on Tuesday or Thursday, good. At least they're home to do it. If the Lakers can pull off a win on Tuesday, then there's no reason why they can't win on Thursday...

Kobe Bryant photo credit: michael248.

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