Saturday, June 28, 2008

LA Times: No McCain Endorsement from Nebraska Admiral

According to the Los Angeles Times, Republican Senator Chuck Hagel won't endorse presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, proving once again the uselessness of the current major party dichotomy, as well as the pejoratives liberal and conservative (because face it, over the past decade, both words have become synonyms for douchebag, objectively speaking). To recap: We have last election's Democratic V.P. candidate Joe Lieberman throwing frat parties with McCain; we have a supposed conservative administration spend billions of dollars and sacrifice some of the best Americans ever born in the wrong war at the wrong time (and little attention paid toward the real war/manhunt for retribution); and we have a bruised Hillary Clinton and a bloodied Barack Obama simultaneously saying, "Just Kidding!" about the last few rounds of mudslinging (as predicted). Et cetera, et cetera.

To the hard-line "conservative" bloggers (conservative as defined above): The use of the acronym MSM (mainstream media, I believe), with the insinuation that it's some sort of propaganda wing of the Soviet communist party, is totally lame. We all know that your be-hated MSM is actually the propaganda wing of corporate America - a bastion of supposed free market capitalism. And that's not a bad thing, is it? (This rant of a paragraph brought to you by the ads on this blog. Glory, glory, hallelujah...)

To the hard-line "liberal" bloggers (liberal as defined above): I beg you, please give me something interesting to read. I'm kind of bored of all the preaching to the choir, and that's why I read a lot of the conservative bloggers to boil my blood and evaluate why my opinions are right (for me, anyway).

To the moderates: There ain't gonna be any middle anymore. On second thought, it's all going to come down to the middle. (Scratch what young, early '90s Eddie Vedder said.)

To everyone: Let's all vote locally, as carefully as possible; at least in the local arena, third-party votes aren't wasted. Where I'm from, party affiliation is theoretically non-existent, or at least not labeled, in local elections. There's a slight chance for decent system reform and curve balls on the state level (i.e., Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura), but we're stuck and possibly f*cked as far as the national dichotomy for President. Choose your Senators and Representatives well, and make sure they take as much of the Federal tax pot for your state (that's what they're elected for, right?).

As for me, given the choice between a former badass who's now pandering/not pandering/not not pandering to the Bush administration and the new guy. So far, it's the new guy in the lead for my vote. Maybe when all is said and done in November, and late in January, maybe the new President will extend his hand across the aisle and reform the Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson's lore. It will be a one-party America in the form of a moderate totalitarian regime. Is a moderate totalitarian regime any less scary than all the nationalist and communist totalitarian regimes of the 20th century? It's still a totalitarian regime...

In the process of four years of either political monotony or despotic horror (or both), maybe the Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Socialists, and the reborn Christian Party (pardon the pun) - and others - will have some visibility on the national stage: Starting with the House, then the Senate, and possibly in the White House. So let it be written, so let it be done, but be careful what you wish for...

Chuck Hagel's official photo is from the U.S. Senate.

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