Friday, June 20, 2008

Kung Fu Pander: Offshore Drilling for Oil

If the Federal government opens up our view of the the ocean to oil companies to drink the nation's proverbial milkshake, then we might see the relief at the pump in a few years. Then again, we might see gas prices go down anyway in the future, as the demand - and also price - of dihydrogen monoxide and electromagnetic photons will rise due to newer technology making petroleum-reliant engines obsolete. Yes, my friends, the most enterprising ones of us (and the reptilian humanoids, of course) will patent, form a cartel, and license these sources of fuel to consumers - no matter how free they seem today. In the future, we'll all have to subscribe to the sun like it's cable TV, and everyone's water bill will be off the charts.

In any case, offshore drilling has little to do with relieving the current pain of the American people. Everyone, please consider this issue separate from what can be done now to help people who need to eat now and commute now and go to their jobs (if they have them) now. Yes, it's shortsighted to focus on the now, plus or minus a few months, but it's a matter of survival for many. In other words, planning for the future is good, but pandering deceptively to the American people is not. Offshore drilling won't help the current economic situation and is a separate issue, just like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were separate issues. (Zinger!) As far as government intervention goes, the truth is, little can be done now to relieve the pain of today's economy - dude, where's my stimulus check? - so feel free to be critical of the talking heads who confuse now with later, and the best interest of the energy corporations with the best interest of the American people.

I'm Ryan DeRamos, and I approve this message.

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