Sunday, June 8, 2008

June Resume (for Real)

I must confess that last week's blog entries weren't "live" but written days to weeks before they were posted, as I had been out of town for the past week. I only replied to two emails during that time! So, here's a more accurate catch up entry:

1. Still no new podcast (but lots of raw footage and plans in the works).

2. Google PR: 4! Woo hoo! Alexa Rank: 793,755. Boo hoo. Okay, that's still good, but where are Colbert or MILF Island fans to give me a boost?

3. Same thoughts about parental unit-related holidays.

4. Same musings about TV as last week.

5. Same thing about movies as last week.

List #2 -

1. Obama is now the official presumptive Democratic nominee. Cool. Yeah, maybe he should pick Clinton as his running mate (but which one?) and McCain should go for the coup the grâce of pissing off a large portion of the Republican party by picking Joe Lieberman or similar running mate. There's been some talk about the Libertarian nominee getting more press (or some third party alternative), so that might be the hope for our democracy - the end of the dichotomy that most times isn't.

(1.5. Go Lakers, but they are so far being outmatched by the Celtics, although it is only halfway through Game 2. I hate to say this, but Boston's players' collective backstories are slightly more sympathetic than LA's players, and they therefore would be more dramatically appropriate to win the Finals. Then again, life isn't a dramatic story seen in the movies, for example, Big Brown didn't achieve the Triple Crown, even though it would have made "story sense" in terms of the horse's jockey's son possibly losing his eyesight.)

2. Chord du Jour is still at I like writing these repetitive lessons, as they seem to be more to my benefit as a songwriter than to the random Web surfer. (I'm an ASCAP-registered songwriter, by the way, albeit still waiting for the big royalty checks to trickle in...I can dream, anyway.)

3. I'm bringing back the (possibly incoherent) rant, starting tomorrow.

4. I've been rearranging the Elan Vital score into CD form, which will tell a parallel (but not exact) story in music form. It's probably how it's not done by other film/music productions, but this way just feels right (and 9/10 times, one must go with their gut).

5. Being on vacation invariably gains weight. So scratch the weight loss/exercise stories from last week, as I am essentially starting over.

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