Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day; Blurbs

Personally, I'd like to thank my former boss/favorite high school teacher ever Robert Peeke for the rockin' party he threw at his place, mostly for the graduating Seniors of the high school (congratulations to them, by the way, as they were Sophomores when I played the role of "Mr. DeRamos"), but I was glad to sorta crash the party. And congratulations to my friend Whitny for getting her umpteenth postgraduate degree! Of course, I wish my dad a Happy Father's Day today.

Generally, I wish all the fathers - but really those who are dads, daddies, daddas, papas, and other endearing male parental types - out there a Happy Father's Day. Today is the appropriate day for barbecue and booze - beef and beer. Substitute those elements according to your lifestyle choice, and party responsibly yet heartily.

I think the Lakers have at least one good game left in them this season, but as you can see, I'm using pretty vague terms here: A good game could mean a close loss. I might watch the game, but then again, I might already be passed out from the day's festivities (see above) at game time.

And finally, if you'd rather have a decent representative democratic system instead of politics as usual, fight the smears...from all sides, on all sides. Listen to the facts, analyze the rhetoric, and read opposing opinions (the nuanced ones, not the demagogues) with an open mind.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day!

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