Sunday, June 29, 2008

Freeway Series, Subway Series, Windy City Series, Bay Bridge Series...

This weekend is awesome for both baseball and for a few key baseball teams saving on travel costs: Dodgers vs. Angels, Yankees vs. Mets, White Sox vs. Cubs, and Giants vs. Athletics (and other teams I might be missing) in several cross-town or metro area, inter-league showdowns. Thank goodness for inter-league play, making the World Series and All-Star Games slightly less special, but shaking up baseball for the better, in my opinion.

The best part was the Dodgers quasi-no-hitting (as it was only eight innings at bat) against the Angels, yet winning! (Do a Google search for the details of this comedy for errors...literally.)

Across the pond in Wimbledon, we are getting closer to a cross-childhood bedroom showdown as both Venus and Serena Williams have both advanced in the English tennis tournament, on a trajectory toward a sister vs. sister championship match. In other words, also cool.

I'll be sure to come up with some political vitriol tomorrow or the next day; I must have tapped out from yesterday's post.

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