Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congratulations to Former Clippers Doc Rivers, Sam Cassell; and the Rest of the Boston Celtics

Once again, the Los Angeles Lakers were outmatched by a better team. Team. After 22 years, the hungry Boston Celtics organization was due for their 17th Championship, on the 17th of June, after winning game six. How's that for numerology?

Former Clippers Doc Rivers (current Celtics head coach) and Sam Cassell definitely paid their dues in the other LA team (and the fact that last season's Celtics were as bad as the typical Clippers of all time).

The Big Three (Paul "Hawkeye" Pierce, Ray "B.J. Hunnicutt" Allen, and "Trapper" Kevin Garnett...okay, maybe that's not them), none of whom made it all the way previously, are deserving of the title. In a sense, they did it for all the greats who where blocked by the Jordans and Shaqs of history, for all the Karl Malones, Charles Barkleys, and Reggie Millers of NBA history.

In light of Leon Powe's victory over a lifetime of struggle, this Championship is only tasty icing.

Computer-generated Rajon Rondo dueled successfully with Kobe Bryant and is definitely deserving of his share of the title.

Etc., etc., kudos to the rest of the Boston Celtics. Even with the currently collapsed Los Angeles Lakers - no changes - I feel a rematch a-comin' in one year. And just in time, as Scott Bakula has seemed to quantum leap away from Phil Jackson and the Zen Master has returned with a possible revelation for next season.

As for Kobe, like the champion horse Big Brown, he can only hope to two out of three of a certain trifecta - a season MVP and a potential gold medal for the upcoming Olympic Games in August. It would have been sweet ad hoc triple crown, but what can you do?

In other news, I recently bought a digital television (DTV) converter using one of my two Federal government subsidies, and it's pretty awesome! I rarely state this, but thank you Federal government, for this tax dollar/debt-financed coupon!

Okay, when I said I would do a politically-tinged rant today, I actually meant tomorrow. Or the next day. Or whenever.

Doc Rivers photo credit: shaka.

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