Saturday, June 7, 2008

06-07-08: *This* Things I Believe

Okay, with what's happening at the moment in the politics of the U. S. of A., I guess I'm going to have to draw a line in the sand, stand up for what I believe, and write a few more idiomatic cliches. Here's where this particular writer at believes ideologically:

Apparently after taking some pop-political tests on the Internet (a relatively recent entry by William Dipini led me to take these tests again), it turns out that I am a left-leaning libertarian and not a stereotypical liberal artist. Cool. What does this mean? It means a lot of things. Here's an incomplete laundry list that may or may not fit "left libertarian" but certain fits yours truly:

1. The theoretical free market rocks (well, I am an entrepreneur of sorts). However, poor people's government welfare should stick around as long the government provides similar welfare to the wealthiest corporations. Fair is fair, isn't it? (Not to the middle class, I guess.)

2. Few Americans, relatively speaking, complain about the Afghanistan War, and with good reason. Imagine what five years fighting in South-Central Asia (word.) with 100% of the front line could have accomplished! Unfortunately, there was that then-unrelated Iraq thing in 2003.

3. Totalitarianism sucks. I'm sick of right-wingers claiming America to the exclusion of everyone else, and I'm even sicker of left-wingers who are close in thought to myself, who are ironically intolerant of the former group (without an ounce of humor to boot). It's high time that those who call themselves liberal actually be cool to those who think differently - be firm but be cool. That's all.

4. Anyway, I'm tapped out of words for today. Extra bonus points for the pop culture trivia reference in this entry's title.

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