Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's a Hill-Rod?

Okay, this isn't going to be a meaty entry, so here's a bunch of quick statements (and non-statements):

- Hill-Rod beat Ba-Rock by 10 percent in Pennsylvania, although "Rowdy" Rodham Clinton would've been a better wrestler pun (RE: yesterday's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and's blog entry).

- The 10-point victory is still subject to spin, spin, spin!

- Superdelegates...?

- There needs to be a nationwide paradigm shift from standard left-right politics to a debate between those who think the status quo will enable survival versus those who believe adaptation will ensure survival. This is not to say that the "status quo" is inherently bad or "adaptation" is inherently natural - both are open for interpretation, and there's a lot in between. The times...they are a-changin'.

- In site news,'s "MILF Island"/30 Rock entry dropped from top position on Google to around fourth.

- Also,'s Chord du Jour will hopefully return with new daily music mini-lessons on June 1st. You can go to either or for this blog.

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