Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank You, Tina Fey! received nearly 2000 hits during the past two days because of the recent 30 Rock episode "MILF Island." Granted, the majority of the "hits" were probably Google's search robots fulfilling various individuals' searches for "MILF Island," whether 30 Rock-related or to fulfill some sort of secret fetish.

This all began right after the season premiere of 30 Rock, which featured an in-passing joke that Alec Baldwin's character developed a reality TV show named MILF Island and misappropriated Jerry Seinfeld's image to hype that show, as well as others. I ran with the pseudo-reality of the show when I wrote my hyperbolic review of the 30 Rock season premiere: "NBC to Premiere 'MILF Island'."

Somehow, my blog entry reached the top of current and past Google searches for "MILF Island" (right below any relevant news stories), much to the chagrin of fetish pornographers around the world. That above blog entry has been a major source for much of's traffic during the fall season. During wintertime, the article's popularity waned, and only alleged and theoretical fetish enthusiasts mistakenly visited, in the probable hope of something else.

However, has experienced a revival due to last Thursday's episode (which can be found on Hulu, I mean, yesterday's entry), not since the Colbert-Conan feud of early 2008 have we experienced so many visitors. Just as I thanked Stephen Colbert for the Internet Colbert Bump, I thank Tina Fey (and company) for the inadvertent benefit to

Tina Fey photo credit: Cicero17.

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