Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy _irthday!

The Good News: Happy Birthday to my friend Whitny, pictured in this extremely archaic photograph. You can read about her adventures in Belgium and Israel, and marvel that she looks like she has not aged a day since this photograph was taken (pre-digital camera).

The Bad News: Happy Earth Day to all us humans slowly converting all of the Earth's diverse molecules into one big human (and human waste) mass.

The Ugly News: Check out the who's-more-blue-collar-than-whom wrasslin' fest by the three remaining candidates on WWE Raw, with Obama acting like a mellower, new The Rock (in ironic response to the former The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, now having the same non-wrestler physique as the Illinois Senator) - okay this is quite the run-on, poorly executed sentence:

It's too bad that McCain had to conjure Hulk Hogan, as Mike Huckabee would have been a more appropriate pun as The Huckster.

What's a Hill-Rod?

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