Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Utility

Starting at the top and going clockwise, here are four random things that have been useful for the past year or more:

1. Flashlight. It was a groomsman gift from my cousin's wedding last year. It is awesome and shines a bright light.

2. Pedometer. I pace back and forth a lot when thinking, plotting, and planning. I might as well see if all my walk-thinkin' doubles as sufficient exercise (10,000 daily steps). Sometimes it is; most times it isn't.

3. Swiss Army Knife. Received as a Christmas gift years ago - the kind that has a retractable pen - it's been used to open packages and other things that would be too much information for this blog. It also provides a sound metaphor for Swiss Army Knife Filmmaking™ ("White Rhino"; "MU Promotes Growth"; future Mutiny Universe productions built without traditional resources...and beyond guerrilla-style filmmaking).

4. Microcassette Tape Recorder. I have an increasingly weak short term memory, so this is great for frequent "Notes to Self" and songwriting ideas. The total goes to five, if you count the tape inside the recorder.

Snapshot by yours truly.

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