Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Memory Works?

You have to admire the brain - your brain, my brain, and everyone else's brains. Oftentimes the brain tends to add nonfactual details to memories, in order to make them sound much, much better. I remember watching an episode of Seinfeld, where the bald guy with the goatee was confronted by Jerry for calling him a phony, but the dude replied that phony had a palatable slang meaning. As a example, he said: "That Michael Jordan is...a phony," before exploding to Kramer: "Why'd you tell him?!!!"

My brother and I remembered it as "That Michael Jordan. [Pause.] He's so phony... [Another pause.] Why'd you tell him?!!!" It somehow flowed better (in my mind) comically and thus was a new truth created by my brain, my brother's brain, and whomever else remembered it that way - with nonfactual details. (Of course, I could have misquoted the previous example as well.)

Anyway, my point is that the brain remembers things in only a way that the brain can - and all this psychobabble has been written without a neuroscience or psychology degree. However, in the case of Hillary Clinton's remembrance of her trip to Bosnia twelve years ago today...

This is the recent CBS report concerning the dissonance between what was "remembered" and what was videotaped.

This is the CBS report from exactly twelve years ago today.

...whether or not it was an honest exaggerated memory or a deliberate lie is irrelevant: It's just bad politics...to get caught in the act.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's official First Lady Portrait, by Simmie Knox, is in the public domain.

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