Thursday, March 6, 2008

McCain Off the Radar for Now

This feels like the Playoffs, doesn't it? With John McCain winning the GOP nomination, or the division title as it were, he can rest until the Finals / World Series / Super Bowl / General Election Season. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? For the Republicans, or for the Democrats? All I know is that the first team to clinch their Division Championship / League Pennant / Party Nomination usually loses their momentum, and the later team continues being hot for the Big Game.

Anyway, depending on how the Democratic Superdelegates vote will determine the appropriateness of the name of the Democratic Party. If they collectively (plus or minus) vote similarly to the pledged delegate vote, then the Democrats are indeed close to the principles of representative democracy. In other words, if the popular vote is close, then the Superdelegate vote should also be close, right? However, if they vote in unison "for the good of the party," with results disproportional to the popular vote, then we should all await for the Second Coming of Boss Tweed. Finally, if they vote in unison to coincide with the slight winner, also disproportional to the popular vote, then that's not very fair, either, isn't it? Regardless, this process is pretty convoluted. The proportional victory part is good, in my opinion, but this superdelegate business is pretty iffy.

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