Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Governor Daredevil's Superpower: Honesty

"Honesty" is definitely a superpower when it comes to politicians. David Paterson, New York's new governor, admitted that both he and his wife had extramarital affairs around the turn of the millennium. Obviously, it was during this time that the superhero Daredevil had a romance with superheroine Elektra, which was documented in a film a couple of years later.

And Mrs. Paterson probably had an affair with one of the many New York-based (and New York-like) superheroes: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Darkwing Duck, or the guy who invented Buffalo Wings - who knows?

Daredevil knows.

David Paterson photo credit: Jeffalan.

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1 comment:

  1. but I'm worried about the trend of husband cheating on his wife and wife cheating on her husband... and int the end they're both okay with it.

    What the H!

    I understand the concept 'til death do us part' but are you kidding me!

    If a relationship is rocky and you try to work it out. That's great!
    But if you decide to be unfaithful while the relationship is rocky and expect to get back to the way things were again.
    That's when it's jacked up!

    Don't you think?

    Rama's SCREEN


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