Thursday, February 7, 2008

Willard Will Not Continue, Mitt Quit, and People from 2005 Lack Foresight

His name makes it all too easy to sum up the news: Mitt quit. Now that the far right vote is no longer split, could this mean Mike Huckabee (Who made Huckabee?) will be able to rival John McCain for the GOP nomination?

With McCain presumably still the front runner, and with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama virtually neck-and-neck for the Democratic nomination, here is a snapshot of the thoughts and feelings of a segment of the population in 2005:

To: johnny7
McBlame [McCain] doesn't scare me as much as Hillary/Obama, but in either case it would take a miracle for them to win. Hillary cannot pull off a centrist platform for very long. She and her UGLY pantsuits cannot run from her own written word's. She cannot pull one more vote from blacks or women that John Kerry did, because the level if visceral hatred was and is so high. When you add in the Howard Dean, George Soro's (sp?) and Michael Moore's, the shift to the left is so severe that they turn off folks in the middle. The best part is that they are too stupid to understand this.
121 posted on 10/02/2005 6:24:20 AM PDT by JohnD9207 (Lead...follow...or get the HELL out of the way!)
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Evidently, JohnD9207 is neither a psychic, a prophet, nor a modern-day Prometheus. Huckabee (and to a lesser degree Ron Paul) is the only person to prevent a McCain, Clinton, or Obama White House. With the current situation as is, it would take a miracle for all of them to lose! Okay, miracle is such a strong word, but it would take quite a bit for Governor / Pastor (uh, oh! miracle?) Huckabee to gather more momentum.

With Romney out of the race, well, JohnD9207 might have been on to something...but to a lesser degree than what he anticipated.

Mitt Romney photo credit: Steve Jurvetson.

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