Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two-time Grammy Award Winner for Best Spoken Word Album Barack Obama; What Is Conservative?; Young Fundies of America

Barack Obama swept this weekend's worth of Democratic primaries and caucuses. A few minutes ago, Obama won a Grammy for his audio book The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, the same award he won in 2006 for Dreams from My Father.

For the time being, it seems that everything's coming up Obama...

If it's any consolation for Hillary Clinton, both candidates are still running a competitive race. Additionally, Clinton can dust off her 1997 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album, since everyone gets a Grammy. (Where's my Grammy?)

For the GOP, Mike Huckabee reaped the benefits of his recent Colbert Bump by winning Louisiana and Kansas...but he's holding out for the miracle that somehow breaks his mathematical loss against John McCain. Arithmetic is witchcraft, I tells ya...!!!

President George W. Bush's endorsement of McCain as a "true conservative" merely highlights the current division of the Republican Party regarding McCain, as well as the definition of conservative. It potentially marks the beginning of the re-demonization of the word conservative (in general and not just with the prefix neo-) and the re-redemption of the word liberal. Okay, maybe it won't go that far. In my teenage years, I somehow got it in my head that conservative wasn't as user-friendly a word as liberal - so I guess I've been ahead of the game in that respect.

Speaking of conservatives, according to ABC News, there is a new generation of Evangelicals. According to ABC's Dan Harris:

The top three issues these young evangelical Christians said they most want the presidential candidates to address are Internet pornography, media glamorization of sex and drugs, and children orphaned by AIDS. Abortion and gay marriage were not at the top of their list.
Here's my quick take on this: Good try, young fundies. I'll give you an A for effort for being either cool or ambivalent or even nuanced about abortion and gay marriage, unlike your fundie folks and community leaders. I'll give you an A+ for your Oprah/Bono/Angelina Jolie-esque stance on AIDS and orphaned children. I'll give you some points for being concerned about the destructiveness of the bad stuff on the Web and through the airwaves, but you'll ultimately get an F because that stance ultimately advocates censorship. Being a supporter of Network Neutrality and the First Amendment, I implore you to accept the double-edged sword of free speech - that there will be bad elements out there with the freedom to spew bad ideas to the masses. How do you combat that sort of evil? Well, if you're free to speak your mind too, then speak - that's how.

Class dismissed.

Barack Obama basketball photo credit: MCC Eric A. Clement, USN, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

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