Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCain's Lady Friend: Swiftboat Sequel or False Flag?

Today's big story is whether or not John McCain partied like it was 1999 (in 1999 coincidentally). Who's behind this, and how is it relevant?

Swiftboat Sequel? If the story is from a would-be Democratic rival, he or she should probably wait until he or she gets the nomination. Jumping the gun is what our old pal Willard did (Mitt vs. Hillary), and I know you don't want me to embed yesterday's Mitt commercial here.

Speaking of Mitt...

According to ABC News, our old pal Willard Mitt Romney spent $98.04 Million for his ill-fated campaign.

...and we're back:

If the story is from a Republican rival, why bother? It's too late for Romney, and essentially late for Huckabee. And as great Ron Paul's ideals are (even Joy "Aunt Slappy" Behar namedropped Paul and the support from soldiers in Iraq recently on The View) - I unfortunately just added his name so that this rant could be more search engine friendly.

False Flag? Just to warn you, I have put on my aluminum foil hat (I've upgraded from tin foil). Back to the Republicans - this story could have been shrewdly started by McCain supporters to give the impression of a Democratic attack, as to mobilize the anti-McCain conservatives sooner than later. When given the choice between a Republican ticket and a Democratic ticket - as well as the improbability of a viable third party ticket - the anti-McCain conservatives would have warmed up to the war hero...eventually.

Whatever happened to patience these days?

And finally, how is this relevant? It isn't...not yet, anyway. Let the major parties nominate their candidates, let the nominees form their tickets, let them debate as cleanly as possible (for American politics, anyway).

In other news, using the random nickname generator hosted by ABC's Lost, Sawyer would call me "Mondrian." Not a bad nickname at all, if I do say so myself.

In other other news, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore asked Cuban ex-head of state Fidel Castro to the Prom...I mean, the Academy Awards. Do they make corsages and/or boutonnières that match olive green military uniforms?

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