Friday, February 8, 2008

Keeping the Huckabee Feud Alive: More Jon Stewart

Since I really have nothing to say at such an early hour on Friday, I think I'll return to my favorite hot topic of 2008: The Who Made Huckabee? Feud. I am totally not letting this go...not just yet. For context, here's a montage of events, courtesy of The Colbert Report and Comedy Central:

After watching the above video, I realized that I had missed a lot of The Daily Show footage of the feud the first time around. The sad irony is this: If you remember, Jon Stewart is the most liked person in the galaxy, according to our infallible pop culture survey and therefore does not deserve such an underrepresentation at So to make up for putting less emphasis on The (A?) Daily Show's role in the Who Made Huckabee? Feud of 2008, here's some more Jon Stewart:

Stewart provides background information and context for the feud...with precision accuracy.

The first part of the final battle.

The epilogue.

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