Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Drink Your Politics

It's great to see new episodes of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, after their apparent week-long Oscars break. Anyhow, I'm just taking a short pre-dawn break while recording a film score to write this entry, so here's the political rundown (since musicians are of course fully qualified to be a Blogosphere pundit):

This question is for any and all registered Republicans: What's your deal with McCain? Does the party like him, or not like him? Is it only the squeakiest of squeaky wheels that dislike him? In the eyes of the Democratic candidates and party, he's almost like Bush in a repulsive way. But what I'm getting from the GOP camp (or just the loudest ones) is that he's not Republican enough...?

And then there was the incident with the talk radio guy who played up Obama's middle name before introducing McCain, McCain apologizing for the dude's introductory rant, and the Republican backlash against McCain's apology.

It's obvious that those who are politically opposed to Barack Obama refer to him as Barack Hussein Obama in order to play up the fear associated with his given middle name (an Arabic diminutive for handsome). And no, don't tell me that's just saying his full name because Obama's full name is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Get it right.

The politics of name-calling is only good for the stupid vote - that is, stupid people who vote. I try to avoid dichotomies, but there are roughly two kinds of ignorant people: (1) The temporarily ignorant - those who would learn if given the chance, and (2) stupid people who don't - and won't - learn. Keep that difference in mind. If the stupid electorate is large enough to swing the election one way or another, then we all seriously need contemplate the meaning of America, to have that many permanently ignorant people and those in power who would exploit such idiocy.

When all is said and done, and Indian politician Adolf Lu Hitler Marak still beats Obama for the controversial-but-not-really-if-you-do-some-research name prize. Speaking of middle initials of H., what about the slang phrase Jesus H. Christ? To unravel the meaning of H. would unravel all of Western Civilization, more than The Da Vinci Code Holy Grail.

My point is that guilt by given name (not even a surname!) is one of the most absurd uses of the guilt by association logical fallacy.

As for some of the other candidates...

Hillary will have to wait until March's Super Tuesday, whether to stay or go.

Huckabee and the anti-McCain GOP would find their anti-mathematical miracle if McCain is disqualified for being born in the Panama Canal Zone.

Ron Paul, if you're not using the rest of the money bomb funds, please send some money to me. Thanks.

Darth Vader - I mean, Ralph Nader - is hoping to ruin Al Gore's chances again.

Stephen Colbert's glorious FSU Pow Wow entrance photo credit: webrageous.

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