Monday, February 4, 2008

Eli and Peyton Manning: The Lord(s) of the (Super Bowl) Rings

Congratulations to the New York Giants for not only keeping the game close, but for winning the Super Bowl! It was a great game, something lacking in several previous Super Bowls. As for yesterday's entry, I was absolutely right in choosing the Giants/close game spread! Darn. I should have had some money riding on the game. Note to self: If there is a spread, bet on the underdog.

I do feel a little regret that this was the perfect season that wasn't for the New England Patriots. It started off with the videotape cheating controversy, then 18 consecutive wins in the middle, and ended with a massive upset.

With Super Bowl MVP titles in the Manning family for consecutive years, I am anticipating a magazine cover with both Eli and Peyton showing off their Super Bowl rings, with the headline "The Lords of the Rings," or something similar in nature. Hopefully by either coincidence or plagiarism, my prediction will come true. I'll gladly overlook the plagiarism part, if applicable, as I'll have a hearty laugh nonetheless.

Do you remember during the 2004 Presidential Election, when much was said about a game between the Patriots and the Washington Redskins, in which the Patriots won (if I remember correctly). The Patriots were said to represent John Kerry and the Redskins represented the incumbent (George W. Bush), and the Patriots' victory was supposed to predict Kerry's win over Bush during the election.

Of course, that was not to be. In the spirit for ridiculousness, let me rant a bit with a similar brand of illogical football-political symbolism:

Back-to-back Manning victories could mean one of two things: Another Clinton in the White House or another Bush (Jeb's surprise entry?). Technically, the Clintons wouldn't be consecutive so that's a stretch. As for Jeb...yeah, another stretch. I hope. The same goes for Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy Bush. And if Neil's daughter Lauren marries Ralph Lauren's son David - and changes her last name to his - I will be sure to laugh out loud and roll on the floor, laughing my ass off. (I obviously Wiki'd the Bush family.)

Moving on...

If the only blatantly negative election ad running in California (Mitt Romney's) actually predicts something, then November will be a showdown between Mitt and Hillary. If Governor Mitt of Massachusetts is analog to the Patriots, and Senator Hillary of New York to the Giants, then that isn't good news for Romney - unless the outcome of the big game actually predicts the inverse of the election, in which case this rant is wearing out its welcome all too soon (but not soon enough).

However, if the nominees are Barack Obama and John McCain, then we would have to wait for a Chicago Bears / Arizona Cardinals match next season, that is, if they face off before November.

I'll see you all again on Super Tuesday, then.

Eli Manning photo credit: United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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