Saturday, February 2, 2008

Conan vs. Stewart / Colbert - and Other Feuds

About a week ago, Jon Stewart revealed to Stephen Colbert that Stewart made Conan O'Brien...therefore, he also made Mike Huckabee, keeping the line of causality within the Comedy Central family.

Last night, Conan pretty much ended the hyperbolic battle of wills with a photo of him as a doctor, delivering both Stewart and Colbert at the same time. I don't know if they can get sillier than that.

Anyhow, in the state of California, Mitt Romney has been running ads differentiating him from Hillary Clinton, thereby assuming that both he and Clinton will be their parties' respective nominees. Romney is obviously jumping the gun, and I have a feeling that this arrogance will cost him votes from his party - unless most California Republicans dig that sort of transparent, ill-advised cockiness. I wouldn't know, and I would hope not.

As far as GOP nominees go - and if Ron Paul is not an option, being the obvious easy answer - I hope they choose John McCain. And I hope that the John McCain from eight years ago returns, too. Well, I have to fill out my absentee ballot and mail my vote on Monday. Clinton...Obama...Clinton...Obama...I ain't tellin'.

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