Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amer-McCain Obama-nation

...because the real abomination in America is the lack of traditional apathy when it comes to voting. Have you no respect for the grand American tradition of indifference? What's wrong with you people? Why do you It's like you all are trying to use some sort of "system" that the "Founding Fathers" put into "action" when they signed the "Constitution." Is this a representative democracy guaranteed by the tenets of our constitutional republic...or something? Is this news to you...'cause it's news to me that people are excited about...primary season? It's not even November, ladies and gentlemen, you know...the time when you pick the "lesser of two evils" that the corporate elite have run down your throats.

And if the current front runners remain the front runners, it's my opinion (which I probably don't share with many of you) that it just might be a choice for the better of two different kinds of good...? What's wrong with you people?!!

Why can't you let these elite, multi-national corporations run the show and be happy as a disenfranchised American? Why must you try to turn the tide of fascism? Why must you care about the direction of America, as if it were some sort of patriotic duty to care about the future of your country? Why must you use your voice guaranteed by having a human brain and the Bill of Rights? What's your problem?

Maybe you don't care. Or maybe you do care, and the corporate elite have you where they want you (and me wearing a tinfoil hat). Clever Mercurians.

When I wrote clever Mercurians, I actually meant diabolical reptilian humanoids.

Anyhow...this has been a great campaign season thus far.

Senator McCain's Congressional Photo is in the public domain.

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