Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wiggum / O'Brien '08

Here's the video of Conan O'Brien and the Max Weinberg Seven playing "Blue Moon of Kentucky":

Quick bits:

Ron Paul had a great interview on The Tonight Show. Currently, Dr. No is third in New Hampshire, but the primary is still early. Paul said he liked Dennis Kucinich of all the Democratic candidates. I wrote this before: A Mxyzptlk Right / Mxyzptlk Left '08 ticket would be awesome, but a Wiggum / O'Brien ticket would be better.

Also tonight, David Letterman shaved his beard and interviewed Mike Huckabee. I missed that interview, due to the above bit - and not owning up-to-date technology like a DVR.

Speaking of Huckabee, here's the entire Friday night Late Night show, with the Conan-Norris-Huckabee connection:

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