Sunday, January 20, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

If you haven't heard, this year's Super Bowl (what are the rules of using this trademark?) will be the undefeated New England Patriots versus the New York Giants, in a rematch from the close regular season ender. It had better be a good game on February 3rd...Super Bowl XLII? Geez, we're at number 42 already?

And then there's Super Tuesday (note to self: vote)...

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  1. something else to keep in mind about this year's superbowl..
    just like any previous Superbowl, there will be new movie trailers of this summer blockbuster as part of Superbowl ads.
    So.. I'll keep an eye on those.

    Bro.. I've posted RSS Feed on my website, you can find it on the sidebar of the page.

    Thanks for subscribing :)

    --Rama's SCREEN--


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