Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards Crosses Over; Rudy Giuliani Quits 9/11

That's pretty much the news to which I woke up. There's really nothing more to add to two candidates quitting the campaign today.

As the two-party battle royal continues, let's see what's going on so far (whilst we continue to use a professional wrestling metaphor):

In the Democrat ring, it's down to the last two - Hillary Clinton (with Bill in her corner and sometimes in the ring when the referee's not watching) versus Barack Obama (who sometimes sounds like a calmer version of The Rock). From now on, should we start calling him The Rock Obama?

I wonder what's going on in terms backstage politics - who's vying for running mate status? John Edwards...again? Bill Richardson, if anyone remembers how nice he was to everyone during the debates? Dennis Kucinich?

And for the Grand Old Partiers, its down to the final four: John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Only the Internet will take note of Ron Paul's survival in the corporate media wrasslin' ring of politics. But seriously, Ron Paul has outlasted the formerly popular Fred Thompson and Pat Robertson's oxymoronic pick Rudy Giuliani. We'll see how Mike Huckabee (with Chuck Norris running interference when the ref's not looking) will do on Super Tuesday, but it seems he's been shuffled back into the deck as of late. He'll need another Colbert bump, methinks.

Who will make it to the main event?

John Edwards official Senate photo credit: United States Senate.
Rudy Giuliani photo credit: Jason Bedrick.

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  1. As a conservative, I was glad to hear that John Edwards dropped out. I believe that he had the best chance of beating any Republican candidate to the White House.


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