Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fwd: Re: Bush's Mistake (America Can Be Better)

I'd like to forward a nearly five-month old duo of blog postings, each from opposing viewpoints. The thread originator comes from The National Word, which dubs itself "America's Blog." With articles usually written by William Brady, this particular entry called "President Bush did make a Bad Mistake" has an unknown writer. The gist is that the writer idealizes the America of the 1940s (World War II) as an example to follow when it comes to the War on Terror. Here's a sample paragraph by the unknown writer:

No, President Bush did not make a mistake in his handling of terrorism. He made the mistake of believing that we still had the courage and fortitude of our fathers. He believed that this was still the country that our fathers fought so dearly to preserve. It is not the same country. It is now a cross between Sodom and Gomorra and the land of Oz.

In the blog My Soapbox, Chad Lupkes replies to The National Word in his article "Re: Bush's Mistake." Lupkes basically deconstructs the earlier blog entry with several reasons why the idealized 1940s America is incompatible with the hypocrisy prevalent in the current administration. Here's a sample paragraph by Lupkes:

Things were a lot different in the 1940's. We didn't have US Senators looking for sex in airport bathrooms. We didn't have Vice Presidents collecting money from corporations that got no-bid contracts from his own government. We had a 1.9% unemployment and we trusted our government to look out for our welfare first. We had CEO's making maybe 40 times what the average worker earned; now that ratio is 500:1, and the conservatives in government are trying to keep wages as low as possible, driving a third of our population onto the brink of poverty and nearly a quarter outside of the existing health care system.

Regardless of my political beliefs, I am at heart an anti-totalitarian, and I applaud both sides of the above debate. There is as much room in this country (or at least, in my America) for "America can be better if we wholeheartedly support the current administration" as "The current administration is corrupt and America can be better than that." Too often, we neither hear nor read in the corporate media and the political Blogosphere about the necessity of rational debate. Too often, we hear "My side is correct, and all dissenters must leave this country." The keywords are in bold print - America can be better - and all the words around this independent clause are up for debate.

Anyway, here's to America's Constitutional Republic and its sometimes convoluted but necessary principle of Representative Democracy. And here's to doing our damnedest as informed citizens to prevent the United States of America from becoming a mirror of Mussolini's Fascist State or Stalin's Communist Soviet...or any other totalitarian permutation.

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  2. After reading both objectively I can say that your equal analysis is most definite in error. While both are coming from opposite view points, one is based on love of country and historical accuracy the other is based on a deep hatred for Christianity and full of slander. To give bigotry and patriotism equal footing is an error


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