Friday, January 25, 2008

Kucinich Drops Out: The FLILF Dream Is Over.

Apparently, America is NOT ready for a FLILF. Elizabeth Kucinich's husband Dennis ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination on Thursday (a formal announcement is due sometime today). With both Dennis Kucinich and Fred Thompson out of the race for the White House, well, The Daily Show's Jason Jones' joke is no longer relevant:

Of course, recently Jason Jones been looking for the Icelandic soldier who withdrew from Iraq (Codename: SILF)...and Jones failed at that mission as well. It is worth noting (according to the peer-reviewed Journal of Wikipediatric Studies) that "Iceland had 2 Explosive Ordnance Disposal experts, a medical advisor, and some transport experts assigned to the Danish unit immediately after the occupation began; they have since been withdrawn." Anyhow, here's the video from The Daily Show, starring Jones:

Back to Kucinich, sort of. Stephen Colbert received the news via magic in his suit jacket's inner pocket:

It took a few months, but I guess this the Kucinich storyline at (part one | part two | you're reading part three) has come to an end...for now. Thanks to Comedy Central for making the source material funny, so I can redundantly post it on this blog. It was truly a win-win situation for all parties involved...well, except for Dennis Kucinich.

Elizabeth Kucinich photo credit: Roger H. Goun.

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