Sunday, January 6, 2008

Debates...or Radiohead?

I watched the ABC News / Facebook debate last night, so I can either rant about the issues, or I can post a semi-feature-length music film by Radiohead. I think I'll do the latter:

That was called Scotch Mist: A Film with Radiohead in It.

It's amazing what technology can do for those willing to break free from last century's status quo. Bands don't need a loan from a talentless corporation to record quality-sounding music, and The Society of Gloves (my band) is minor proof of that. Large, famous, and mainstream bands like Radiohead have used new media for their advantage, as evidenced by releasing In Rainbows at a you-name-it price in October and releasing a full length performance video for the fans on YouTube.

So to tie this mini-rant with today's politics: If bands large (Radiohead) and microscopic (The Society of Gloves) can be part of a cultural-industrial change, then maybe something analogous can be applied to this year's American elections. After at least two presidential elections banking on the rise of the youth (18-30 year old) vote, and the failure thereof every time, 2008 could be the year...

Barack Obama's counting on it, Ron Paul's counting on it, and everyone else could use it...

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