Friday, January 18, 2008

Conan's Causality or the Colbert Bump?

I apologize to Stephen Colbert, and I am currently trembling in awe of the Colbert Bump. (I possibly crapped my pants, but just a little.) While Conan O'Brien has a strong case for indirectly causing Huckabee's only primary season win, the great I Am America himself has irrefutable evidence for directly causing the win, even more than the Iowans themselves. This can be demonstrated in two steps:

1. Colbert bumps.
2. Huckabee wins. QED.

Let's be scientific about it; a semi-colon only adds to the officialness of what I am about to write. What else has experienced this phenomenon? You're reading it.

1. The Colbert Nation links to a entry. It's not quite appearing on The Colbert Report proper, but it's pretty damn close.
2. doubles its readership, from one to two. Actually it's grown to 1.9 readers, but decimals are people too! Well, not counting yours truly, has eight-tenths of a reader, much much more than before. QED. End of story.

If you don't believe me, watch and hear it from the man himself:

And yes, you've read correctly: I am 110%. The screenshot is from

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