Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nobody Likes Dubya, Unicode, or Yahoo (Serious) - Survey Says

Here's a quick one for Results Thursday: According to our inaccurately named Pop Culture survey, nobody likes President George W. Bush, the concept of Unicode, or Aussie actor Yahoo Serious. About 64% dislike the current U.S. President, no one dislikes Unicode, and about 7% dislike Yahoo Serious. About 29% have no opinion about Dubya, about 50% have no opinion about the computer character set, and about 43% have no opinion about the guy who's not a search engine.

In conclusion, Unicode is not popular enough to be in the pop culture survey. To remedy this, here's a full-length movie: Weekend at Bernie's (in full-frame, as if composition mattered!).

Okay, that wasn't so much of a remedy, was it?

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