Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Joy Behar Calls Ron Paul a Loser

...but not in those words exactly. Anyhow, during today's interview with Ron Paul, The View's resident Aunt Slappy*, Joy Behar, stated her doubt that Dr. Paul could win the GOP nomination. This goes to show that the corporate media (similar to, but not exactly the MSM liberal bias that right-wingers often lament about) have already chosen their candidates in their game of pretend democracy. Okay, maybe that's a little too defeatist and alarmist on my behalf.

I dislike dichotomies, but here's an either/or when it comes to Aunt Slappy's prophecy:

1. Resign yourself to the self-fulfilling nature of such predictions and get ready for a neoconservative commutarian** Republican versus Hillary Clinton (who has been accused of being something that sounds like commutarian - and just as totalitarian in nature); or

2. Fight for some real choice! Nominate Ron Paul and leave the field open for Democrats who aren't married to Bill Clinton! Otherwise, Independent Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Libertarian Republican Ron Paul need to join forces for some actual change!

UPDATE: The Raw Story tells the story with greater detail, less sarcasm, and a video clip from today's episode of The View.

*For your reference, here's Aunt Slappy:

**Commutarianism is often described as the combination of social conservatism and fiscal liberalism - big government conservatives...sound familiar?

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